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  1. If you guys need me just hit my discord up it's Ooh SyLuM#9240
  2. Whichever. It’s usually easier to catch me here bc I’m on my phone and checking emails a lot. Summertime with my kiddo so we are running around a lot. What’s up?
  3. Yes I’ve been using this product for over 4 months now. The cheat has never been detected. That doesn’t mean you won’t risk a ban. You can catch a ban if you are raging and too many people report you. Too many of those bans will result in a HWID ban. Best bet is to play as legit as possible if you care about your account. If you are spoofing and have a throw away acct rage away! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Hey everyone! I have been using the Apex tool for almost a month now and here are my thoughts and perspective. If you want to rage out and get 20 to 30 kills a game you certainly can with ease. The downside is anyone who isn’t a brand new player will spectate you, immediately know you are cheating and report you. This tool can be used to play competitively, and if done correctly, allow you to play successfully on a very high level. ESP 9/10 The ESP is near perfect! With the recent addition of glow the enemies are even easier to spot and the distance/shield and health bars are essential in determining how to rotate, how to position for your fight, when to push and when to reset. That being said if you want to look 100% legit you have to use this tool intelligently. You can’t just run to a spot where the enemies are and wipe an entire squad because your teammates will immediately suspect something. You have to pay attention to where people drop, likely rotations and don’t make silly call-outs rather wait until you are within actual distance to hear movement. Finally play with your team and don’t run off solo like you are a pro. The only addition I would add to the ESP is vis-check and color change. The fastest way to draw negative attention to yourself is to fire at walls/objects. With all of the colors and how fast you have to take in information and make decisions, I sometimes find myself waiting to be shot at first if I’m not 100%. Remember you have to have the movement of a seasoned player who makes smart tactical decisions. You will be outed quickly if you take fights standing still with no strafing like a bot but have laser aim, know where everyone is all the time and wipe entire squads. Aimbot 9/10 The aimbot takes a little time to get used to and configured to your needs. If you want to run around and lay everyone down you can. However, expect to be reported a lot because you will get spectated by almost everyone and they will see your garbage movement but a magic ability to immediately turn on a dime and snap right to the target hitting every single shot. If you want to look legit this aimbot is perfect for that as well. You can adjust the settings so that reticle won’t immediately snap rather it will take an incremental path to the target and look like a legit player moving the reticle and aiming. I didn’t give a 10/10 rating because with the automatic weapons, even with legit settings, is still too OP! You will literally hit every shot every time and no one hits every shot. I use single shot weapons like the Wingman and shotguns which require you to aim well still, and once you find the sweet spot, you will miss a few shots but still destroy everyone. With automatic weapons I will intentionally pull my reticle and FOV off target to randomly miss a few shots to legitimize my shooting. I would suggest if possible to have the aimbot purposefully and randomly miss a few shots to create the most legit looking gameplay. All in all this aimbot is perfect...too perfect! And the prediction function is amazing! Overall 9/10 This tool is amazing! If you want to rage out you can. If you want to look semi-legit and don’t care if everyone suspects you you can. And if you want to look legit and compete with the best in the game you can. It’s a tool for everyone. I will continue to purchase this product month after month as long as it’s available and remains undetected. The only issue I had is I recently came to PC from console and no one knew how to configure for controller. I even had an extremely rude experience with a support member in DM but everyone else has been extremely cool and welcoming. I figured out the solution myself and will recommend 100% you buy this product!
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