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  1. I'd be up for buying it. Seems to be a very popular game that I am currently downloading as we speak
  2. Great idea in my opinion,
  3. Name ESP is added now Spam isn't welcome here.
  4. Supported OSWindows 10 1809-1903 Ah, website needs updating
  5. brotherhood.

    PC Specs

    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X GPU - GTX 2060 Super SSD - 500GB HDD - 1TB Monitor - 0.5ms Asus Monitor 23" Keyboard - Some Steelseries one Mouse - Some Steelseries one Mousemat - Some Steelseries one Headset - Some Steelseries one Game Helper - Proofcore
  6. My cheat review; I think this cheat is great. The admins are responsive, the community is great and best of all, the cheat is fully working and undetected ESP works perfect, has different groups (weapons, ammo, clothing, misc, food etc.). The silent aim also works perfect. It looks extremely legit as your crosshair doesn't need to snap onto the enemy. You can choose between head or chest! The hack is continuously being updated + features being added. Speedhack is now on the cheat which is also working perfectly. 100% recommend buying this cheat.
  7. The speed now DOES have speedhack as of the most recent update still no support for 1909 though.
  8. https://tb.rg-adguard.net/dl.php?go=f6ab4873
  9. why are you still here? go away to OP, he may just be AFK. i'm sure hell get back to you soon
  10. I think maybe not the speed is the problem here ...
  11. ive been sat here refreshing for past 2 days lol
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