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  1. I originally bought 30 days of Apex Legends cheats. i still have 13 days left but would like to buy another month in advance. is this possible?
  2. i dont know if this works for anyone else but i found if i press the "windows" key every so often when the cheat is loaded and im playing, my computer doesnt crash. ive been doing so and my comp hasnt crashed the past 3 days. a bit of a silly fix but and easy one if it works for anyone with blue screen issues.
  3. When I run the cheat for Apex Legends I can play for about 1-3 hours before getting a blue screen with Stop Code: Critical Structure Corruption and my PC needs to restart. Does anyone know why this is happening or know a fix so it doesnt happen? Btw i havnt deleted my antivirus i only disable it to inject the cheats then it turns itself back on eventually. Is this the problem where i need to delete my windows defender or is this something else.
  4. what settings do u use for the fov and smooth on the aimbot. i cant seem to find one that stays on the target after i get my cursor on them.
  5. I like the player usp a lot and its very helpful but i cant seem to find good setting for the aimbot. no matter what settings i use it seems i cant get my cursor to either snap to the target or stay on the target once i have aimed and started firing. please someone get back to me on how i can edit the fov and smooth so that it can either snap and remain on the target or just remain on the target after i place my cursor on them. Thank You

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