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  1. It's very worth it if you play dayz a lot. I never got banned at all but I was very discrete in my playstyle. I stopped playing dayz though so I stopped with the cheat. But every cheat I've used with proofcore I have been very satisfied. So I would always recommend them
  2. Yes it works perfect on modded servers.
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    CPU : i7 8700K GPU - GTX 1080ti 32GB 3200MHZ RAM Hard Drives: 1TB Samung 970 Evo m.2, 500GB 850 Evo, 2 x 250GB 850 Evo, 2TB HDD, 120GB Kingston SSD Monitor : Alienware AW2158HF Keyboard : Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB Mouse : Logitech g502 Hero Headset: Logitech G Pro X Gaming Chair: Secretlabs omega
  4. Thanks lemme know how the cheat goes for you
  5. ZookeMike's DayZ Review : Currently 1 Month usage. Hello, I am writing my review for the DayZ cheat available on proofcore, i will go into some detail on each feature that i have been using and utilizing after the past month playing this game and hopefully it will give users a good state of mind when deciding whether or not this cheat is the right one for them, EVERYTHING stated in my review is 100% honest and I am in no way affiliated with or influenced by proofcore to make this review, I have decided to by myself due to my experience with the cheat, Anyways below i will seperate into each category/feature and rate them out of 10. PLAYER ESP : 9/10 Theres really not much to say really, it works exactly as intended, it gives you the exact distance which is very helpful, you can pretty much go the whole time unoticed and avoid all contact if necessary or even go full on aggressive and kill everyone you come across if you so please. My playstyle has been very passive so i mainly use it to avoid uneccessary attention to avoid being banned, but you can choose to do so however you please. I give this a 9/10 as it does exactly what you need, its easy to use and self explanatory, I have two issues which are very minor, The first being lack of customization, I like to keep my esp as least cluttered as possible, by this i mean the least amount of overlay as possible (for example, just a distance ESP so i dont have a big box covering half the area, this way its easier to keep things as legit looking as possible, and #1 Sometimes its not an exact location (when within a certain distance and aiming down a scope) it feels slightly out of line but of course you can manually see them anyways ( i usually flick it off to see a little better) Other than that its perfect. AIMBOT/SILENT AIM : 9/10 Again, I think this feature is amazing, and I love the fact it works on players and Zombies, it works flawlessly in most situations, depending on where you are sometimes the bullets wont penetrate through certain walls within certain buildings, but other than that its perfect and so easy to use. The reason I give this a 9/10 is because I would like the ability to maybe just have an actual aimbot rather than a silent aim to use on players (just to avoid being too obvious) as theres been times ive shot people through walls around corners and what not due to my slow reaction times and trying to play as legit as possible, but if you want to go full on rage mode, this is a dream come true, destroy everyone and anyone with ease ITEM ESP: 7/10 Although the item ESP works really well there are somethings i have issues with it. The first being is too much clutter in the high loot areas, such as tisy, balota, and other airfields and big cities, Especially when playing on modded servers with new items/mods. Even if you disable all the seperate categories of items you will still face a lot of clutter just having the item esp selected. I would Suggest having another option allowing to filter through specific items, maybe a configuration file that you can edit before running the cheat to choose what you want to see. One other issue would be Blue screening when you select inventory item. I understand this is unavoidable in some cases but it would be nice to be able to use it from time to time. But yeah as stated as above this is why i give it a 7/10 due to the lack of customization and the amount of clutter it can cause when looting, Also some items dont always show, like ammo boxes. And a few others VEHICLE and ANIMAL ESP: 9/10 Again, not much to be said, works perfectly, I would give this a 10/10 If animal esp and car esp was seperated into two different options. Thats just me though. STABILITY: 8/10 Although the cheat is very stable, you do kind of have a big blue screen issue, You can play a few hours without anything happening but with long use of this cheat you will bluescreen, Usually You bluescreen when leaving/closing the game down but sometimes you can bluescreen during gameplay, this becomes a nuisance if it happens at the wrong moment. But other than that the cheat works perfectly fine and i have not got much of an issue. So 8/10 is my verdict SECURITY: 9/10 The security of this cheat is amazing for me thus far, No bans, no issues, no nothing. Although i keep my playstyle far from aggressive and raging, i still use the silent aim, make some things a little obvious, but yet to be banned, which is amazing, I give this a 9/10 and not 10/10 as ive only played for a month, this will change if i dont get banned within a little longer. EASE OF USE/USABILITY: 10/10 Not much to say, so easy to use, injection process is so straight forward, all options are self explanatory, just get your own style, use your favorite options and its all youll ever need. Perfect PRICE: 8.5/10 This is debatable and your own personal opinion, I think it is worth the money, but because it lacks some of the features i would like to be implemented above i give it 8.5, I can totally see why the price is at what its at, but with a few additional tweaks/changes I could totally justify the entire price and recommend without any issues to anyone OVERALL: 8.5/10 Not perfect, but not far from it, I have enjoyed this cheat throughout my first month, and i would recommend it if you are looking for a DayZ cheat, do not hesitate when you buy. you will not be dissapointed, All in all its a really good cheat and works perfectly. I would definitely purchase again Thank you for reading my review, hopefully it was good and indepth and has given some of you the required information you were after
  6. Im sure a lot of people may or may not want this cheat so I am just putting it out there, I am in search of this cheat, i have been looking around and know other providers offer this, but I like the reliability with proofcore and would be at a much better state of mind knowing I would be getting a good quality product. Hopefully this suggestion will be taken into consideration, thank you
  7. will they HWID ban straight away? even if its your first time cheating on the first account
  8. How do apex bans get applied? Do they HWID/IP ban right away on the first offense, or do they just ban the account until they notice you have multiple being banned. I ask this because i have a legit account that has a lot of skins and i dont intend to play on it, but just wondering if i do get banned will it affect my other account
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