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  1. Xenos's post in Important question about security was marked as the answer   
    If you use ESP, it will record the ESP boxes. 
    Nope, not visible on the task manager
    Yes, its not a permanent inject until you restart your PC
    Nope, wont work
    Yes, upon the injection the menu pops up. It wont show up anymore if you dont press the menu button and we dont have any watermarks.
  2. Xenos's post in DayZ Cheats with Win 21H1 was marked as the answer   
    Windows 10 21H1 is supported.
  3. Xenos's post in COD:WZ - Auto injection, or inject once per boot ? was marked as the answer   
    The cheat needs to be injected everytime you run WZ. For that you always need to open the loader and injecten.
    Our cheat is external and requires windowed mode.

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