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  1. Thank you @Monolid and @gator. Much appreciated. 🙂
  2. I see you already got the subscription, so welcome and have fun. For others that might read it: It takes a few minutes for the transaction to confirm by the Bitcoin or Litcoin Network.
  3. Crypto payments are automatically confirmed within minutes. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, you will receive a e-mail. https://proofcore.io/forums/files/
  4. If you move your mouse a bit yourself with the aimbot, its still possible to hit with snipers. Prediction will get added very soon.
  5. Yes, just record the game window not your desktop.
  6. Thank you very much ❤️
  7. We already released it: https://proofcore.io/forums/topic/23463-fortnite-cheat-released/ Join our Discord to receive announcements: https://proofcore.io/forums/discord/invite/proofcore/
  8. Hello! We just released our undetected cheat for Fortnite! The cheat features Player ESP, Item ESP, Radar and a aimbot with static and advanced smooth. Fully streamproof. Works in tournaments. The cheat is available for purchase with for verified users with BTC or Creditcard here:
  9. Apex has a inbuilt spoofer that you load with the cheat. PUBG has no spoofer, but you can use other spoofers with it.
  10. A exchange like blockchain.com takes 2-3$ in fees to acquire crypto. It will take a while until CC is back.
  11. @zelz Seems like you didnt fully fullfill the requirement in the application. Please send the missing picture if you are still interested. We are undetected since release, with the full history displayed here: https://proofcore.io/status/ I cant look into the future and no cheat is undetectable, but we are confident that we stay undetected because of our low and closed userbase.
  12. Indeed a good one. KMSpiko is fucking around sometimes. If you dont want to do such things, you can also buy a windows 10 or 11 key for 1-2 € -> https://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/catalogue/search-Windows/
  13. No, once you restart your PC nothing from our software is loaded anymore. The only trace that is left behind is the loader, which you can delete.
  14. MW 3 = MW 3 and Warzone MW 2 = MW 2

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