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  1. Hey bud, sounds like we are in the same boat and I understand your question. My first time using software like this ever and been messing around for the last hour. FOV 500 and Smooth at 2500 feels ok'ish to me. this is all personal preference but it's a good start if you have subtle hacking in mind. You can fine tune from here. Give it a go and let me know. Maybe you can come up with even better settings. Ill iron out smoothness as I get comfortable with the software. *Take in consideration my play style is not at distance. Always close/medium range. Also do not use ESP nor dynamic.
  2. UPDATE: I have messed around and kinda feel comfortable in the FOV 500 and smooth 2500 range. I am still fine tuning though. I have not touched other settings and play with ESP and dynamic off. This feels more human than snapping and uncontrolled aim previously. Also felt like I was fighting the aimbot a lot. I like the feel as I only require one extra bullet to register to make the difference. I still need to get use to the feeling though. QUESTION: Would settings like this get me banned? Does the anticheat software scan your PC for foreign or altered game data or does the game rely more on the reporting by others system?
  3. hey guys, This question is for the seasoned cheaters/Apex players. I am new to this and would like to know what is considered closet settings? I am on discord and tried someones settings which was 800 smooth with 4000 FOV. This was way too aggressive for me. Almost too obvious for the enemy as well. at least in my opinion. I have only played one game and "died" on purpose after 3 kills. Kinda too afraid to log back in now. *I play with ESP and dynamic off due to personal preference
  4. Thanks mate. hwid is foreign to me. Ill follow the link you provided and assume hwid is all done automatically? Or is it something I have to do myself?
  5. Hey Guys I'm completely new to this forum and using of this type of software. I bought a 1 month subscription and did everything the installer guide said. I started the game and loader did not inject. Turned out I had the wrong version of windows installed. I had the latest version installed and silly me did not think it would make a difference. I installed the version provided (1809) on this website and now I cant log into loader, pretty obvious mistake. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to get this fixed? thnx
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