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Community Answers

  1. We have body and head, you can choose which you would like to target
  2. If you really want to closet cheat. only use ESP and don't run up to every person you can see with ESP
  3. You won't be able to use our cheat if your spoofer makes permanent changes and changes everything on start up, a spoofer is really supposed to change your HWID temporarily til you restart your PC, then you should go back to your original HWID
  4. You can use your spoofer after you have injected the cheat as long as your spoofer does not make any permanent changes
  5. The cheat should be stream proof on Discord, have seen a few customers say it is stream proof when streaming the game, also stream proof on OBS
  6. Unlink your discord account here: https://proofcore.io/forums/settings/login/?service=3
  7. Oh really? That is definitely going to suck for sure..
  8. Super hyped myself for Dying Light 2
  9. Yes you can buy the PUBG cheat currently
  10. It is currently not for sale, no ETA of when it will be back up for sale
  11. The cheat is stream proof, check the stores page: https://proofcore.io/cheats/call-of-duty-vanguard-cheat/
  12. Hi yes, the Vanguard cheat should be stream proof
  13. You will need to re-apply in your old application, simply follow the instructions again and you should be verified again

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