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  1. All our cheats should be compatible with 21h1
  2. Well you don't have the verified badge, so try asking in your application as to why u not verified
  3. The guide is only available to our customers Only way to get a new IP would be the VPN option unless u have a dynamic IP
  4. We have a guide on the forum that helps u clear it automatically, available to our customers. Servers might pick up u on a VPN, so u will need to get a VPN that has a residential IP addon
  5. You need to clear steam profiles and a new IP
  6. Hi there, the cheat is not stream proof, you can customize the aimbot to look how ever legit you want it to look, aimbot is very customizable
  7. Yea, 2004 is compatible with our cheats, no worries, all good
  8. Hi that is your windows build, your version would be like 20h2 or a similar number Type "winver" in your windows search bar, then press enter and you should see it there
  9. We disabled sales atm, as the cheat was fully recoded, sales should open up again soon
  10. Mako

    Changing username

    No it should not
  11. Mako

    Changing username

    We need to know what username you want
  12. Its not hard to install everything, we have guides to assist you
  13. You gotta have atleast one of the required documents, we have people who are under 18 who have either of those documents, we do not make exceptions
  14. Mako

    Name change

    Open a ticket to request a name change:
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