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  1. All of this is stated on the cheat page it self, No we don't support 2004, Last detection was Last year December, so 8 months undetected, no its not slotted
  2. If you were rejected, you cannot apply again
  3. Mako


    Glad you enjoying our cheat, if you have any suggestions for the cheat feel free to leave them here:
  4. I was banned globally, and BE banned my drive serial number. What should I do?

  5. If the cheat needs updating for the latest patch, it should be updated within 24 hours Game updates does not relate to anti cheat updates
  6. Yes, DayZ is currently down so we have are not allowing any sales til it is back up
  7. The PUBG product page has a picture of the cheats menu https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/
  8. Cheat is optimized, I have personally used the cheat and no FPS drops at all Yes, our cheats work on AMD CPU's
  9. I cannot answer that, u will need to ask in your application why u got denied
  10. You can blur out your street/address, just make sure all the info that is required is shown in the photos
  11. Closing thread as this was answered months back /closed
  12. Mako

    Apex Legends

    Anytime, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask, any of our support members would be glad to help
  13. Mako

    Apex Legends

    1. Hello there, we have not been detected since we went external last year December, you can just choose individual options on the cheat, so as u said just ESP/Glow. 2. We only offer one version of it If you have anymore questions or I did not fully answer your questions to your satisfaction, feel free to ask again
  14. I have elaborated to u in the chatbox, its for security purposes in case you try something funny with the loader or scam us. We don't do anything with your documents, we have hundreds of customers, its because they trust us with their documents. Not one customer has complained about their information being leaked cause we don't leak your documents, if you are not willing to share your documents, then ProofCore is not the place for you, sorry
  15. A Rust cheat will most likely not come, as it puts our other EAC cheats at risk
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