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  1. As I stated above, we have a guide on how to reinstall windows to a compatible version, you just need to download the .iso of either 1809 - 1909
  2. We do have a guide available to our customers on how to downgrade to a compatible windows version
  3. You can check here: https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/ No it only supports 1809-1909
  4. We do not have to disclose the reasons as to why you were denied either. We have a verification process for a reason, not everybody will be accepted, if everybody was accepted, there would be no need for a verification process
  5. Best thing to do is Raid-0, we have a guide on the forums for our customers on how to do it. Spoofers can get detected and brings in monthly costs. While Raid-0 is a one time purchase and is much safer. Also if you do purchase our cheats you won't be getting banned multiple times a month. We have been undetected since July last year
  6. 1. Yes 2. Yes, just have to make sure its game capture
  7. Welcome, once verified, make sure to join the Discord so you can meet other like-minded people
  8. He will need to clean steam account traces as well
  9. Can take anywhere up to 48 hours depending on if u supplied everything correctly
  10. No it does not, all of our features are stated here: https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/
  11. Unfortunately not, we do not support steam, we could maybe in the future, but currently we do not
  12. We only offer 1 week, 2 weeks and monthly options
  13. Mako


    You need to re-apply in your original application thread
  14. Its best to never cheat on your main, cause you can always be manually banned.
  15. You need to go through the verification process in order to be verified as only verified members can purchase our cheats. We have 100s of satisfied customers, after your application, we don't look at your application again and if you are no longer a customer, you may request to have it deleted. Only 3 people have access to see applications
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