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  1. Follow this guide if none of the features are working in game:
  2. Here is a video of Silent Aim : Its intended more for rage hacking, but can be used for legit play style
  3. Has not been detected for over 6 months now Impossible to answer how long a cheat will be undetected for, could be for years, could be for weeks. Its impossible to answer
  4. A1: Our cheat works on steam and Uplay version A2: Yes you can verify using your passport
  5. Join the discord, we have resellers that offer multiple different payment methods
  6. Apex only works on Origin, so yes it would work on Origin, not quite sure where you could get confused on this
  7. Great video!! Hopefully you are enjoying our Rainbow cheat and if you have any further suggestions for our cheat leave them here:
  8. Make sure to follow all the instructions provided when applying
  9. Yes it is undetected, you can check our status page here: https://proofcore.io/status/
  10. Suggestions for our cheats can only be made by our current Arma 3 customers as only they have access to the Arma 3 sub forum, once you become a customer, you can always feel free to leave suggestions for Arma 3
  11. Do not trust a man with a small penis, that is why you can put your entire trust in @Mako

  12. Great video, loved using the Apex cheat
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