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  1. No problem, Raid-0 only works for BattlEye though, make sure to keep that in mind
  2. Hi, you can get HWID banned, we do not provide a spoofer, but you can setup Raid-0, which is much cheaper and works better than a spoofer
  3. No ETA for when Apex will be released, it should hopefully be released soon as it is currently being tested internally
  4. Hi, you don't need to have a spoofer, unless you are HWID banned
  5. Hi, we only support using one computer at a time
  6. Hi, you can join the discord if you not a customer, you need to be at least verified in order to join our discord
  7. It is not currently working, it has not been for quite a while, those comments you are reading are most likely from a few months back
  8. How To Inject

    ask reset

    Hi, you will need to open a ticket for a HWID reset: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/
  9. Hi not sure what you mean by exec console thing, could you please elaborate? All our features are stated on the Arma 3 cheat page https://proofcore.io/cheats/arma-3/
  10. Hi the Battlefield 2042 cheat is not currently for sale
  11. Hi, I would recommend setting up Raid 0 and some other customers have also recommended to change your IP
  12. You can only purchase our cheats once you have passed our verification process, once you have, you can join our discord and contact our reseller Mar1k
  13. Your application will be checked in the order it was updated, whenever the applications are reviewed is the soonest your application will be checked
  14. Hi when you apply it lets you know it can take up to 24 hours to receive a response
  15. You are not verified, you need to go through our verification process in order to purchase our cheats Also Apex is not currently for sale atm
  16. We don't support windows versions that are not fully complete, we only support the fully latest publicly released windows 11 version which is 21h2
  17. Are you using a beta version? As I am looking online and it says 22h2 is expected during fall
  18. Hi I presume you mean 21h2 on windows 11, yes we support the latest windows 11 version
  19. Hi there, we appreciate your interest in reselling for Proofcore, but unfortunately we have enough resellers for now, once we start looking for more we should make an announcement on the forums or our discord Enjoy the rest of your day
  20. Hi, it should work in the base game, it won't increase the chance of you getting banned
  21. How To Inject

    HWID Reset

    You need to open a ticket for a HWID reset: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/

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