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  1. No problem, Raid-0 only works for BattlEye though, make sure to keep that in mind
  2. Hi, you can get HWID banned, we do not provide a spoofer, but you can setup Raid-0, which is much cheaper and works better than a spoofer
  3. No ETA for when Apex will be released, it should hopefully be released soon as it is currently being tested internally
  4. Hi, you don't need to have a spoofer, unless you are HWID banned
  5. Hi, we only support using one computer at a time
  6. Hi, you can join the discord if you not a customer, you need to be at least verified in order to join our discord
  7. It is not currently working, it has not been for quite a while, those comments you are reading are most likely from a few months back
  8. How To Inject

    ask reset

    Hi, you will need to open a ticket for a HWID reset: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/
  9. Hi not sure what you mean by exec console thing, could you please elaborate? All our features are stated on the Arma 3 cheat page https://proofcore.io/cheats/arma-3/
  10. Will you please pay attention to this problem? I used to use other loaders without a blue screen. I'm sure it's (the problem of self-aiming locking). Can you ask the author to check the test loader? I take my pers65f096e2e118ca4c11ca6ac5e61fb18.png.834b45b2a6ff1bad64ce64ac9a314d1a.pngonality to determine that it is the problem of the loader itself!


    I played for about 15 minutes and then it happened. Please have a look. Please trust me. This is not the cause of the system. It's the loader problem. (self aiming problem) look at the blue screen code. Can the loader be repaired? I have changed four systems in the past 16 days, 2004 / 20h2 / 21h2 All have this blue screen problem!



  12. Hi the Battlefield 2042 cheat is not currently for sale

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