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  1. Im not complaining to make it clear, been looking for an ArmA3 cheat for a long time, but have seen ones with more features for the same sort of money so just trying to improve it for the community.
  2. okay lol, wasn't clear on the difference thanks.
  3. Okay like, There are other ArmA3 cheats that people have where there is an aim bot that actually changes your aim with "smoothers etc', with intent to look legit in order to hide cheating , rather than a "teleport" bullets to head rage aim bot...
  4. okay then, aim bot lmao :/
  5. No it doesn't, Or at least not a legit looking aim assist tool, it teleports bullets to enemy's also when a mag is empty it can still kill other players.
  6. Is silent aim ever going to be a thing as I have noticed its not in any of the cheats?
  7. Do you know when he will do that or is that like a genral statement?
  8. I wish there was a setting to enable ESP on Vehicles for only when people are in them or in use. This is due to too much clutter on the HUD, it makes iot very hard to see what is going on. In addition, Players in game names would be super helpful. Thirdly, an Option for weapons they are using. Also maybe a feature to change ESP colours. Apart from that the cheat works really well and is easy to set up.
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