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  1. My application was submitted only once I said submit many times. Yes, I asked on behalf of my friend. Because my English is not very good I use the translator to communicate with you The language may not be ideal, I'm sorry for the mistake that caused you to understand me
  2. I know. I only submitted once in my original application, so I ask you to let your staff read my thread and let me know if it's passed or rejected. I'll thank you very much My friends have applied many times, and I will also tell my friends about your multiple applications 报错 笔记 I submitted my application only once,
  3. Thank you very much, I will apply again, you can tell your staff to read my application verification, pass or reject my verification. I thank you very much for answering my questions, because I like our forum very much
  4. I have passed once, but my verification has been cancelled. I have applied repeatedly for several times, but I failed. No administrator has passed or rejected my application. Can you pass my verification.
  5. Dear administrator Around February 2020, I bought proofcore, and the application was verified and passed happily. But now I want to buy again, submit again to verify, no one has passed my request for many days I introduced several of my friends to buy this proofcore. All 10 people were rejected I would like to ask whether it will no longer be sold to Chinese people. Or will it be sold with limited quota? Refused to verify, also did not tell any reason. Such as. Format. Or any answer. We like proofcore very much
  6. 是的,我之前也验证通过.但是我被取消了.我现在申请没人给我通过已经很久了.我朋友申请统统被拒绝
  7. 我用过他们的dayz 可以通过可能是你的申请方式或别的什么东西没有弄好吧 ,最近准备购买PUBG
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