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  1. Well, thank you for the information, I appreciate the detailed response. I have been reading up on what state everything is in right now with BE/EAC so starting to understand, just not obviously well versed, so will continue to look into it all. i figured as much with the account etc. I Just wanted to be sure there weren’t easier ways. My play is/was to have a separate account and only log on with a different computer or a spoofer, but I think my best bet is just using my laptop for a cheat account and my desktop for anything legit and not worry about a spoofer. or even set up a separate raid 0 like you said and switch it whenever I want to use a cheat then switch back to my legit hard drives when I’m not. I can see how everyone is going private with the cheat, I was originally looking at a different site (well known public one) and there was to long of a line for the well known private one, so figured this place was a great middle ground. If it’s going private, then I think that’s great, should keep it more secure, but being new here, I guess I can only request to be part of that group and see how things work out. thanks for your time and effort in your response! -the new (always seem to ask the same questions, dont they...) guy.
  2. I looked up downgrading and every time to start the process it only allows me to select the one where it wipes everything else out. I’m good enough on certain things but things like this always seem to go wrong one me. I’ll keep looking though, must be missing something. Thanks for the reply on a side note, my laptop has 1903, so might just use that as the cheat platform...
  3. Well FML, I’m 1909 and to downgrade I have to loose everything... guess I should cancel my validation application
  4. Hey everyone, im new to this site but not to this sort of thing (kind of). I used esp/aimbots in the past back in early black ops days, and obviously not up to date on how to to keep myself safe from any issues. I just had a few questions before I apply if this is the right spot. With personal info on your server, how am I protected from anyone coming after me from a legal standpoint (worse case, if say BE took extreme action)? to protect my HWID and legit account, is it best to use a spoofer and use the cheat on a separate account? Looking at EFT. Ive been looking through forums to get more informed, so hopefully I’ll find answers to other questions there. thanks!

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