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  1. This cheat is awesome. Gives you everything it advertises. First I'll get the negatives out the way. You can't disable/toggle the key binding screen (the screen that tells you which keys enable what feature) Although it isn't too intrusive it would be nice to toggle it off. With the cheat I have been getting A BoS and I've had to restart a lot because of this. But you can send a file called a minidump and the developer will fix it (Hasn't fixed mine yet but will edit this to confirm that's how it works) The developers really do care with this cheat. The price is really worth it considering there is usually always someone online to support you and it's one of very few undetected cheats out there... Hell this is the only reliable cheat provider I could find for a DayZ cheat. ESP 9/10 Very good esp. You can see anyone for about 1100m and you can toggle what kind of loot you want to see; However the car esp is also animal esp so you can't toggle them seprate. But other than that the esp works perfectly for me with no hitches. Not to mention how much effort the dev put into making sure all screen recording doesn't pick up the cheat, I have lots of recordings of me using the cheat (That I will upload) but you can't see the cheat (Which is amazing, I used shadow play!) Another nit pick is that there is no corpse ESP (Dead body esp) so if you shoot someone 1km away you probably won't find them. Silent Aim: 9.9/10 Very good silent aim, you don't even need an angle on the person most of the time, as long as the person is green on your ESP most of the time the first shot will teleport into their head and kill them, which is very good if you have just joined and only have a pistol with 1 bullet and see a fully geared person. Yesterday I noscoped a guy 1km away from me in the trees and when I watched back the recording it just looks like I shot a tree. Bullets also seem like they curve around corners so if someone is in a building and they have a window the bullet will find it's way to the head. Only problem I have with this silent aim is that you can't aimbot animals. Considering there is very few cheats on the market right now this is the best option from my research. Only glaring issues for me is the Corpse esp and the BOS. 8/10 overall. Very good cheat. Look forward to getting a new subscription.

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