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  1. Kantor, he new about detection when he was testing Beta version of MW3, but chose not tell anyone. So he sacrificed his customers instead of being straight forward. If he would have shut down loader asap when he got detected, nobody would have got banned. He let them inject, and play knowing they would get banned because of detection. That not right! His job as The Dev and Admin is to protect the customer not sacrifice them. If you know your detected, but fail to inform or shut down program. Then those bans fall on him. If Proofcore new they where detected to you think they would keep loader operational? Hell know, thats how you ruin a very good thing fast!
  2. Thanks, my account is clean.
  3. Bro i lost $85,000 i just paid for my Brandnew Dodge Charger Widebody, and you know what? Considering I got thrown from the car, and God was watching over me because I landed on my feet somehow. Ended up with a concussion and broken hand in three places and some cuts and bruises. The injury inpaired me ,and still does. I lost the filling in that hand and have a lot of problems making it work right. But i am not going to end my life because of it. Crypto recovers, but the damage you would do to your parents, friends and people that love you would be way more costly then the $40k you lost if you commit suicide. So take a deep breath and, hang on. the ride may be a little bumpy right now, but things will smooth out. Just give it time.
  4. Main reason, is One of the Phanton Overlay Admins and main Dev for P.O. was Detected while playing, and instead of shuting down there loader, he let us continue to inject knowing we, would be banned and loose accounts on both MW2 and Beta Mw3. Total lack of respect for a lot of us who where loyal. Not only did he damage his reputation, but he also lost my trust along with many many other users. Straight Dirtbag move in my eyes. Why would you do the people that pay your salary and keep your biz going like that. I just don't get it.! He probably lost half his player base because of that,and many of them have said, they will never trust them again. Hopefuly ProofCore has a little more integrity than that and I won't have to go thru that BS again. Thank you for listening to my Rant.
  5. Is a spoofer required to use Proofcore products?

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