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  1. Arma 2 dayz mod, I miss the days of $2 CD keys before HWID bans were a thing
  2. So I've been playing with the Proofcore DayZ cheat for a few weeks now, and thought id share my opinion on it.. Features ESP - 8/10 The ESP system is brilliant and for the most part, entirely accurate. There are options to toggle different items on and off, and pick up every single modded item / gun too. The only reason I didnt give 10/10 was because Animal and Cars are in the same ESP catagory, which is slightly annoying on modded servers but not the end of the world. Also it would be great if we could save the settings between sessions, i often forget to reset my Aim key and since i dont have a num pad, going into on screen keyboard to enable / disable features is slightly annoying. Silent Aim - 10/10 Again, this is excellent. option between head and leg really works well to remain undetected. Works though walls, doors, mountains.. everything. You can kill a player from 1.1k away (max render distance) without any trouble at all. Detetcion - 10/10 Been playing for weeks, no BE ban, no server admin bans. Although server admin bans are dependant on how hard you rage. Its VERY easy to stay below the radar. I've been called out only once by a player in countless hours of play time, and he was a fuckin idiot. With this hack being external, I'm no expert but Im highly confident this will remain undetected for a long, long time. Very very happy! Staff / Support - 10/10 Both Jannik and Dark are usually always on Discord to answer questions, as is the other support team members. Always had my questions answered quickly and the discord community is hillarious at times. Well worth joining if you havent already. Price This ones a big one for me, I'm a student so money is a little tight at times. I know i wont be able to have an active subscription all year, but over the holidays when ive been off uni its been so much more fucking fun than playing without cheats, its worth every penny. I understand why they need to keep the price high, and the 20% holiday sale was great, just a shame i missed it lol Overall, I would 100% reccomend PROOFCORE to anyone looking at buying a DayZ SA Cheat.
  3. Solid review, looking to get verified and purchase myself soon ?

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