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  1. Haha, don't cover yourself, I have been cheating for one month and nothing. The way I played then was nothing compared to this time. I wasn't banned after cheating for one month and making yt videos. But got banned after one week without raging that obvious compared to the first month. Death Dance have been cheating more and nothing.
  2. What an irony! Got banned after the 3 days since I wrote the review. (
  3. Does anyone use RST in Bios? Cause it doesn't let me boot when I choose it instead of AHCI.
  4. Overall Since I can't write a review without sub, I will write it now. The cheat is good,however, when the price was lower it was kind of more appealing to me. The features are alright and can be enough for most of the users. I think that the high price is more due to the cheat's security which is on a really high level. It's better to stay safe, after all. Good thing is that the cheat is streamproof and you can be a sneaky motherfucker streamer. BSODs(blue screen of death) are still not fixed, in case anyone wants to know(comparing to December). I think that bsoding in a few hours is not alright. I didn't have to restart my cheats in order not to bsod when I used other providers. Aimbot 8.5/10 The aimbot is good, however, i think that it could be done a bit more rage(I know with what to compare). I could not get the point in spinbot, even with the suggested settings i would still hit everything around without the target. Aim at target-shoot the wall behind. Silent aim, autofire, and wait didn't work for me. Visuals 10/10 The visuals were done well and have decent features,however, would be nice to see esp for weapons,operator, and meters( not only ft). Misc 10/10 There is NO no clip in the latest version. It used to be back in the days when I played in December. The new feature-speedhack is really fun and if you want to use it correctly without freezing and lagging you need to press the key and DO NOT hold it. No recoil and no spread are done well,however I wish it could be more rage(I know with what to compare). Security 10/10 The fact that people get banned is alright, after all you are using a cheat. The security is probably what I like the most about proofcore. With this website you can last for months without being banned, to be honest. Points for the cheat: Security,Aimbot,Visuals,Misc Points against the cheat: BSODs,Price 4/2 My hacking video 1 My hacking video 2
  5. Pray4Rich is my YouTube channel. Check it out!

  6. На арму не юзал но на r6 работает отлично. Думаю также и на арму будет.
  7. Nice video, hacker
  8. I used my main account in this video as well, so the skins from it.
  9. I think the edit is better than on the first video)
  10. Let's go guys! Hacking never sleeps!
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