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  1. Hello my name is Shane and I have been using the cheat for about 3 days now. I have mixed reviews about the cheat. When my subscription runs out I will update the review and let you know what has improved or gotten worse. Esp- 6/10 -----------------------------Is the best thing about this cheat in my opinion it does how ever has its flaws. It is always on point at showing you where people and items are. But how ever if you play on a modded server the modded guns can interfere with the esp showing where players are. Both modded items and weapons are white along with players esp outline. Its Just really annoying in places like airfield where there is so much loot. You cant really see the player with out straining your eyes. If the color of esp would be changed it would be alot better. They try and fix this with a rgb mode that makes the players BOX rgb. Which would be fine but if you play on 1st person only server makes the game alot more dark. I will provide a picture below explaining what I mean about the esp. Aim bot-5/10--------------------------------- I scored this one so low because with my play style I like to look legit and as of right now since the only magic bullet setting that works is head shots it makes it hard to seem legit. However if you just wanna kill people and not care what people think then you would love the aim bot. If you aim for the head it almost never misses. Admins,Mods- 8/10----------------------------------------These are the best developers that I have seen they work hard on there cheat. They test their products numerous times and let the community know whats up. Even though you might have an unlucky streak and might get a ban I have full faith they know what they are doing. They also have amazing mods that will help answer any stupid questions you might have.

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