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  1. -Steven -14 -US - Double Cheeseburger with Greasy French Fries
  2. Nice review of Apex cheat. I like you added some color in the each topic. Good luck :).
  3. Last Oasis is getting very popular. From what I heard ProofCore isn't planning on making a cheat for it, but they might consider it in near future.
  4. In my opinion I think if I was you then, I will go for Apex Legends and R6 because those are the best cheats that PC offers.
  5. Proof-core has undetected cheats. And all the features that are in the cheats that proof-core supports are tested and wont be pushed into a cheat until they are undetected. So, you can last as long as you don't rage or play stupid, like others.
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