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  1. credit card payments are temporarily disabled until further notice.
  2. The hack does not modify anything other than the game it is being used for.
  3. It all really depends on what games you play and like. I use the Rainbow Six hack all the time and never been banned with it.
  4. blur your name out next time maybe lol
  5. You can only join the discord if you are verified.
  6. No it will never happen. They will go after any provider that makes a cheat for Valorant.
  7. yeah i stay away from as many people as possible. where i live its should be going back to normal in 3 weeks or so
  8. im still going to work like usual and stay at home and smoke a lot of weed
  9. this new Valorant game is looking like it might be very popular and a cheat for it would be crazy. https://www.somagnews.com/valorant-will-anti-cheat-launch-riots-system/
  10. Been using the Rainbow Six cheat for about a month. I first started using it when it was internal and then they switched to external. It is fully undetected, it all depends on how you play which gets you banned. If you full rage like me then you will last about a week before you get a FairFight ban. But other than that if you closet cheat you should last. Just use it wisely. They have amazing support when it comes to your problems with the cheat and they have guides for most of the common problems you will come across. Overall amazing community. (got to champ with this cheat rage hacking lul)
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