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  1. Thank you very much! I am pleased to hear that!
  2. @Wolfy575 Very nice and honest review!
  3. Haha, good video! Have really amused me!
  4. Hello Proofcore community! I would like to share my honest review with you I made with Proofcore! First of all, it's super easy to inject and use cheat! Everybody should be able to do that! Above all, with the beautiful and simple instructions. Aimbot: Well, I have to say, this is the best Aimbot, I was ever allowed to play with! no matter if you want to play Legit or if you want to play a little Ragen, the result is very good! If you have the right settings, it's hardly noticeable and you can play legit beautifully. Also against other cheaters it is not difficult to win. So in everthing, a very good Aimbot! Visuals: The ESP is simple but very clean! you have everything you need, a nice little box with name and life indicator. Also how far away your opponent is is a very nice option! So in everything, a nice and clean ESP. Misc; Currently there is only Glow Noclip Custom FOV & Viewmodel and then Unlock all. That's not much, but perfectly sufficient! Because more is not always better, because there are not so many options, the cheat is really safe! Otherwise everything works super and without problems! So everything in all, expandable, but not conditionally necessary. Weapon: Here there are only 2 options, once NoRecoil and Nospread. Both work fine, and run without problems. So in all, both works fine, and it's nice to have it. Security: The cheat is very safe! This is the safest cheat I've ever used. Price: For this price Proofcore is only recommendable! The price-performance ratio is perfect! Simply unbeatable! All in all, the fraudster scores very well, but has not been banned to this day. The price is perfect and simply unbelievable for a Battleeye game! I hope you like my review. Happy cheating! Here are some pictures

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