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  1. @lamort54115 Thank you for telling me ways to improve I love it. Since this is my first video and I rarely do gaming edits I will definitely try these things for future videos! What types of songs for future videos new age rap just fits so well with the 808s and bass haha .
  2. Will do I appreciate it Blanket :P, just trying to spread awareness of an epic game and cheat!
  3. Hello everyone, I am Enigma and recently I decided to post a cheating video and review I made for ISS. I didn't rage hack much, but I used most all of the features that were working at the time and had a blast! ESP 10/10 The Esp for this is definitely flawless, the boxes are clear the health and visibility is superb and I do not have a single complaint. Aim-bot 9/10 As far as the aimbot goes, this game involves a lot of walls and barriers so its hard to tell exactly how accurate your bullets hit but as u can see form my video down below, the aimbot is phenomenal as well. There are only very very times when it does not instantly kill, which is why I rated 9/10. Weapon Modifications 9/10 The only reason this is getting a 9/10 was because of how it was producing small crashes before Darky updated the cheat. Now that it updated though, I have been using no recoil, muzzle velocity, no sway and spread and its been working very well. Definitely helps with the stability of aimbot when these features are working! Teleport 10/10 Although I did not include teleport in my video as I didn't want to be to ragey, I used it several times and it works flawlessly. Many of these features did not work before Darky updated it two days ago. Now all of these features are working great and very fun to use if you like rage hacking! Overall 10/10 After the minor bugs and crashes got sorted out, I loved using this cheat. Now that the crashes have gone away I actually like playing Insurgency I found that its a pretty fun game. The cheat is very well coded and I have used it for a week now with no bans whatsoever. I haven't been reported in game as I can tell and I definitely use aim bot every game. To any player that loves fps shooter style games paired with hold and defend games this game and cheat is definitely for you. Please watch my video down below and tell me honest feedback of what you think this is my first YouTube video I have made in a long time and especially for a cheat, therefore all constructive feedback is necessary and welcome!
  4. Nice video man! @Death's Dance
  5. @EdgySniperDon Thanks for your honesty, Proofcore members are working double time to insure that their cheats have maximum security. Depending on when u started using Dayz cheat you could have just been in ban wave.
  6. @batman99 Nice review dude! I would say that Proofcore coders are definitely gonna work on the aim bot issues as they are doing updates and such right now to cheat. When Dayz becomes available again maybe u could add more pictures. People always love to see what features cheat has and how things look.
  7. Nice review @kevinlopas really like how you included pictures. I am thinking of buying it because of how many good reviews it has and ofc Darky is a god tier coder. Only thing I would say is add more feature reviews!!!
  8. The screenshots @Rodeck make this post 1000x better love the one with heart over enemies with ESP, lol that is great!

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