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  1. Hey there. I have been testing the cheat for almost 3 weeks, and I have decided it's time to write a small but honest review of the ArmA 3 cheat from PROOFCORE. Let's start with the menu design in general. Menu: There's not much to say about this, just take a look at the picture. Those windows are movable all around your screen and you can close them by clicking the "-" at the top right corner. It looks modern and gives you the feeling of a premium cheat provider. The only negative thing i gotta say is that you cant adjust the size of each window so i'll give this a 9/10. ESP: I'll give the ESP a 6/10. It's a simple BoneESP with optional features like showing the name of the player, the distance to him, his fraction and so on. My problem with that kind of ESP is that it has the feature to only show enemies and a separate vehicle ESP. But everytime i only want it to show me enemies it will always show vehicles and vehicles of my teammates. Thats a little bit frustrating in games like KOTH but you can easy work around by showing the fraction of the targets too. You're also able to set the distance of the ESP which is really helpful on especially full servers. Aimbot: Well, this is something in Arma you just can't compare to other game's aimbots. I can't just say this is a 10/10 or a 5/10 because it comes to your personal preferences. If you want to be at least a little bit legit this is nearly unusable (1/10). But on the other hand, if you don't care and just wanna have some fun this is a 10/10 beast. Here comes why: If you activate silent aim you'll get 2 options to adjust the aimbot. Ignore team: ignores your own fraction aim distance: automatically kills every player, one by one when you shoot, in a distance of 100m (in this case) even when they're behind walls. You can adjust it even higher. Misc: This is the most biggest category when it comes to the Arma Cheat. There's so much you can do, even without the script executor, just with the basic cheat. That's why this is a 10/10. This would be too much to write, so i decided to make a short video about the unlimited ammo, no recoil, teleportation, some target related features and the weapons window in KOTH. All those worked just perfectly fine and they also do if you want to play legit in Altis Life or KOTH. Especially the Target tab is fun to play with. You can provide other players, you locked as target with weapons/magazines, teleport them somewhere, kick 'em out of their vehicle etc. etc. a few of those things you'll see in the video. Note: the Video will be provided soon. Script Executor: I gotta say that this was a feature which i really enjoyed in cheating in Arma a year ago, but this time i just used it for testing purposes only. The reason for that is that the cheat itself already provides me with all my needed features so no reason to take an extra amount of risk, for nothing in the end. But it does it job, it executes, even if it was quite a struggle to follow that guide to use it. Had to give it a few tries. It could be way easier and we should be able to copy&paste scripts so it will be a 7/10. Price: This is something i don't like about BattlEye cheats in general. So i won't give any points for that topic. At the end it's your decision if it's worth for you or not. In conclusion i want to say that this cheat will definitely provide fun for both legit and rage cheaters. Also: remember this is my opinion. With that said, have a nice day!

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