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  1. You know nothing of how business works and you don't know what is at play. Just sit and think about it for one second... how do you think Banek is making money? If what you're saying is true then the owners must give him a large discount to equalize the price(there can be fees associated with payment methods as well, you have to take account for this). Either that or he doesn't make a lot of money off of the subs he sells, but I'll go with the later. Funny thing is that we have a business to run so we can't just give resellers massive discounts because we have to make money too. I'm not sure what you don't get about that...
  2. I gave you the reasons why the product can cost more, it's your choice whether you buy from him or not. I don't really know who Banek is, but he has to get comission some how and this is usually done by raising the price to deal with the cost of business. Once again, you can buy from the site if you would like. If your point is to argue whether he should charge more money for the product while trying to make a living and dealing with all the "shit" that comes along with reselling, I won't indulge you I'm sorry. I hope I answered your question!
  3. Because it's a pain in the ass and you have to dedicate a lot of you time to it. We have tried adding different payment methods just to have issues with it(people charging back, PayPal getting locked, etc). The resellers can dedicate all of their time to these issues because it's their job. Resellers also bring in more customers because it's another person advertising our product for sales, and Mar1k is one of the largest resellers out there. This is how it is for literally every provider. If you don't want to pay a little extra, you can go directly through our site. It's your choice.
  4. Because it's a reseller and they need to make money. Also, they go through the trouble and the risk of supporting several payment methods and have to deal with chargebacks as well.
  5. No problem, let me know how it goes
  6. Yeah, KVM seems to be a fairly popular way to cheat nowadays, which is one of the reasons they try to ban it. EAC hasn't done shit to combat against it, unless they ban your monitor ID. All of the people who were banned even after reinstalling correctly were using Ubuntu. I have a friend who has no issues, but he uses barebones linux which might mean that KVM on Ubuntu has an exploit or something that BattlEye is taking advantage of.
  7. The drives will be virtualized anyway, virtio just helps with speed yes. BattlEye found a way to find your actual drives through the VM (I'm pretty sure this is what they're doing, because they can still ban you even after you reinstall) and will ban you once you get HWID banned. Our coder and a couple other coders have the same issue. I'm sure you can find what they check for if you reverse the dll on your computer. My guess is that it's some lazy bandaid solution, but it seems to be effective for most people who can't find a workaround. I would recommend staying away from all the well known distros like Ubuntu since each distro has its own version of KVM.
  8. KVM passthrough is obselete on most distros for BattlEye and I'm not sure what you mean by "virtual prop".
  9. ISS will come back up, yes. It has some crashing issues. Darky will start working on it in a couple weeks.
  10. I won't repeat myself again. If you still think refunding is right in this case, good for you, that's your bleak opinion that not one good cheat provider upholds. I've explained everything that happened and others can judge for themselves based on our discussion. Out of thousands of satisfied customers, you're the only one that has taken issue to literally everything you listed, which says something. Even though you failed to read any of the instructions given to you on the forum and failed to listen to instructions given to you in the ticket, we would've still gladly helped you if you would've taken 2 minutes out of your day to ask a question. You say have a busy schedule which is fine, but don't blame us for it especially after you made it so much harder on yourself by not having enough common sense to read the directions. This discussion is just going down a path of retardation and will be closed. I won't continue to argue the same points over and over. I'm sorry that you forgot to read the instructions before purchasing our services and I'm sorry you can't get a refund for the same reason, among others that I've listed above. Have a great rest of your night! #Closed
  11. You didn't have to jump through anything if you read the instructions. Also, you have zero idea what you're talking about when it comes to refunds. We let you know what has to be done before using our cheats yet you bought it anyway. Why would we have to go through with a lengthy refund process and losing money, just because you didn't read instructions.
  12. Why would a business not allow refunds when a customers that didn't bother to read any of the instructions that were given to him on the forum? Is this a joke? We let you know what our restrictions are before you buy the cheat, it's your OWN fault that you didn't follow them. You don't want Windows 10? Who gives a shit, seriously... this is what was required of you before you bought the cheat. Once again, repeating myself a thousand times, it's YOUR FAULT that you disregarded our instructions. We told you what you needed to do before using our cheats.
  13. There are MANY factors that play into supporting multiple Windows versions. To keep it simple, it takes a lot more work among other things to keep support for several Windows versions. Supporting different versions of Windows can sometimes even effect the security of a cheat. We only give refunds in very rare cases because they're trivial. We end up losing money in the process of it as well and it can cause issues, depending on which payment method you're using. This rule won't be changed all because you chose not to read the instructions before buying the cheat. Why in the world would we give anybody a refund if they were too lazy to read the instructions for the cheat? They're plastered all over the forum and we make sure you see them well before you use the cheat. It's annoying that you keep bringing up 'plug and play' when our cheat IS plug and play, as long as you read the instructions. Regardless of your schedule, it isn't our fault that you I did this in 20 minutes my first time with a USB using one of the several videos I sent you in the ticket. It took you 16 whole days to respond to the ticket with a rude response blaming us for your incompetence. The fact that you blamed our support appalls me... you blamed slow support which was proven wrong. You complained saying that we treated you badly but this wasn't the case. What else do you want us to do? You never asked for help so help wasn't provided. I'm repeating myself over and over. You don't seem to care about what I write and just repeat yourself over and over complaining about the same issues, which I've already addressed.
  14. Sorry that you had a bad experience with our provider, but this wasn't because of us... You didn't read ANY of the instructions given to you on the forum, which is a requirement to get verified anyway. We answered the questions you had in your ticket even though you were supposed to ask on the forum, but we were nice about it and really wanted you to get your cheat working. Regardless of this, you asked for a refund twice because the cheats "didn't work". You tried using ShadowPC which is listed in our FAQ on our forum as not working with our cheats. I gave you the resets you needed regardless and when the cheat didn't work you decided to try to install Windows 10, you couldn't figure that out either. Instead of asking questions in the forum, you decided to get frustrated and rude to our staff. You blamed our "slow support", even though ALL of your questions where answered in the same day they were posted with response times being very quick considering that I'm studying for a large test, have a life and a job. The same goes for my fellow moderator, and ESPECIALLY for our admins who are swamped on a daily basis. Your failure to ask questions, that I would've been more than happy to answer, resulted in your lost days. Up until today, the last time you responded to the ticket was on February 8 which was 16 days ago. After 16 days, you responded asking for a reset, which I gave, and then decided to rudely call our support slow and our ticket system stupid. You said we were treating you like "an annoying fly" in your ticket which made no sense. You said you "went above and beyond" trying to install Windows when all it takes is watching a video that you can find on Google with a 2 second search. If you don't understand what to do in the video, you could've happily asked questions and our staff would've been happy to answer, but you didn't. Also to address some more of the statements you made in the support tickets; Windows 10 is COMPLETELY free to install. You don't need to pay money like you said you had to, this makes no sense. You were also using a 1909 iso to install Windows(which is what the Windows 10 installer gives you) instead of a 1809 or 1903 iso which is even supplied on the forum. Even if you didn't understand this, ALL you had to do was ask instead of waiting 16 days for your sub to run out. Just so you know, we also have a Discord which you can join and ask simple questions in. Not only will our Support help you, but we also have a fairly large community that would be more than willing to answer your questions. You're our ONLY customer that wasn't able to successfully install Windows just becuase you didn't put in the time to do a little research before using our cheats or asking any questions about getting Windows up and running. You can't magically appear after 16 days of silence and blame our staff for not helping you. Our cheat is click and go, as long as you follow the directions given to you. We spend hours of our time making guides just for this reason.

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