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  1. R3v0A

    Best legit sniper ;)

    I will add hardstyle 500bpm for you
  2. Just google what happend in the past with providers who created/selled cheats for league of legends. I dont think that the PC staff also wants to do the procedur
  3. R3v0A


    I already did. okay thank you for responding
  4. Hello community, Im thinking of creating a PC steamgroup. My intention is to create a little place for us where we easily can play with other users and therefore the community will get stronger. Let me know if you are interessted Your R3v0A.
  5. Hello, I played a lot of Arma and now I played some hours with the Arma 3 cheat from proofcore. I used some cheats before so I think I can give you a good review. obviously you don’t pay for many features (since there 3) but that’s okay. You pay for a good security which is more important than just some random features. It would be nice to write more about the security but I played not enough. The murder mode makes me laughing all the time. Standing at a weird spot with a trg and snipping people. But for now I would give the cheat a solid 7.5/10. why? Because I would like to have some more features like in the old menu. But everything which gets advertised by the staff is true and with a AAA+ quality. So if you interested in a good Arma 3 cheat with a professional security to be safe (there is always the risk to get banned) buy this cheat. okay thanks bye.
  6. Hello guys, its simple just rate the song above you from 1 to 10. Sorry Im german and also a Little stoner so please excuse my weird music. I will start now:
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