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  1. First and foremost, this will be as honest as can be. I will describe the cheat & staff support and how I have experienced my tenure in PC through my Eyes. Let's start with the DayZ cheat. I will also write my reasoning for the scores I give, it'll be 0-10. ESP - 10/10 The ESP is simply flawless, Everything from barrels in the woods to dirtpatches under some bush. To pan it out to you guys, in my own eyes the ESP is perfect. It shows me exactly where all the players within 1000m are and aswell with zombies. AIMBOT - 7/10 The Aimbot/Murdermode/SilentAim is going to be a rough one for me, people. Most of the time I've noticed that leg shots are inconsistent. Sometimes they just don't work. I've also noticed that sometimes even in close quarter combat the headshot function for the aimbot stutters and won't work in a spray. Overall it's inconsistent, however with this said. You will still mostly MURDER ANYONE whom you cross paths with in game eitherway. MISC FUNCTIONS - 9/10 Nine out of ten speaks for itself. Everything is perfect without the exception there is no chest shot. In my own eyes and humble opinion I'd wish for the leg aim to be switched to a chest aim. Otherwise you've got plenty of options to customize everything to your wishes. DETECTION RAE - 0/10 Every single account I've bought and used the cheat with have been banned. I've used up maybe 8-9 accounts now and ALL have been banned so far. Security wise and staying undetected or whatever problem might cause these bans. So far the security is nonexistent for /ME/. I've read other reviews and people talking in discord, claiming they haven't been banned for weeks, months at that. Now we I will discuss the price, the Staff support and overall vibes I get from the Community. Honestly, the price is a bit steep in my eyes due to the fact that It hasn't managed to stay undetected. All together on buying the cheats, and the spoofer and other spoofers along with loads of DayZ accounts I've already blown hundreds of dollars into this. However with that said, the PROOFCORE STAFF are AMAZING and they do everything in their power to keep everyone happy and satisfied. As Jannik loves to say, you paid for a undetected cheat and that is what you will get, and I truly believe them. So far every ticket I've issued they've sorted out and helped me. Every RETARDED question I've asked them, they've answered and managed to sort out anything I need help with. It's a small and straight-up solid Community. Everyone is helpful and I have tonnes of faith in our Staff team. There is nothing but progress that can be done in this Community, sure sometimes we have to take one step forward and two steps back but I don't doubt that one day Proofcore will probably be one of the best, if not already, DayZ(and others) cheat providers out there. You've all read my review now and you can take it as you want. But I'm going to end this with a simple fact. I will continue to use Proofcore and be apart of this Community.

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