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  1. Status says apex is up but when I try to buy I can't locate it. Is it known how long it'll be down for? Thanks
  2. Okay sick as soon as I am verified I'll give it a try. Oh yeah could be that some problems might occur with the apex cheat next monday since there should be a new update around that time if I am not mistaking?
  3. Hello, Appreciate the response a lot. Good to know that it probably isn't HWID ban, but would using the proofcore cheat (when it is up again) be safe now? I heard that once an account gets banned EA starts to track you? Also, I just checked status and says up and running so is it now up again or is there another porblem? Thanks in advance
  4. I was banned on apex a year ago, convinced it was an HWID ban. Two days ago I made a new account and up until now I am still not banned. Is it advisable to buy the apex cheat offered? Or would that most likely result in an instant ban? Also are you planning on re releasing that spoofer any time soon? Just in case I do get banned. Thank you

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