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  1. Yeah I would've thought this already, always some admin, trying to do sneaky work, thanks for the reply mate.
  2. You got discord, I am so keen to buy but would love a chat from the UK Ash.xyz#8725
  3. Hey I have been looking around for like 6 months, for DayZ cheats, but cheats which are undetected for a long time so you can closet cheat on servers and etc, I have bought from many places like battleco, i want cheats, and etc, they're always detected, and I mean like hour or so max and you're banned, I don't know where to look or what not, but I see this website (proofcore), but I like to have honestly.. If its undetected and works 24/7 and has good life of undetectability, I'd be a recurring customer, but every place is unfaithful, could I speak to someone from here personally? I've bought many BE cheats, like ark for example was undetected for 7 months, before it got detected, which is fine, that is good for a BE cheat, but I don't want something detected instantly or not even a month, if that makes sense? I don't want to feel like I am coming across as a dickhead, its just every cheating website provider, I have joined/bought subscriptions for has always been a liar, owner of another site, said the dayz cheat was undetected for 1.5 years, but I got banned within the hour, and they replied with, it was my fault? and refused to refund, or reimburse my subscription so I could try it again, as the time had ran out,

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