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  1. this post made me chuckle
  2. Give me some time and I will make a video to display what the DayZ Cheat maintains . Check this out All while hacking, but without others seeing that I am 😉 Gotta work up the video then I'll show you the whole 9 on the beautiful cheat they provided.
  3. Entirely protected information. It is between you and the staff, nobody else. it ensures that you are not apart of a undercover opps team 😉
  4. Caleb meant to say he loves the community and will do anything to promote it !
  5. I started off with minecraft on xbox 360, right after I begged to go to the library to get the PC edition of minecraft. Right after that, started modding and my mind expanded like crazy! Then I got into Garry's Mod, ran multiple communities. Then, found my deathwish, Arma 2 OA, then DayZ Standalone. After that, it was downhill from here,. My goal is to create my own knowledge to create cheats or bypasses to sell to proofcore, i wish I was as good as them,
  6. Life is full of mountaints that sometimes we don't know how to climb. I am 18, had a child, and immediately got married. There are so many times in life to where I don't know what to do with my self. I lost my brand new 2022 Kia in an accident. I understand! But you know what, I am alive! There is someone in this world that is happy you are alive! If you ever need any 1 on 1 messages, hit me up on discord.... TopDevCorp#7777 I would love to talk one on one with you . or even DM me on here if that is possible.
  7. DESPITE THE PRICE.... It is well worth it. . TO show that it is worth it, even while being a streamer or clips needed once you get banned, let me show ya'll a montage I released while 100% cheating ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G3W-Hq1gT8 You can get frags on top of frags without anyone suspecting a thing as long as you have half a brain. Obviously if you shoot people through walls and shit, all bets are off.... Lmao. Quick cheat review ! Any management or staff that needs testing, I am always open. Sincerely, PesticidesIncorporated Let me know when staff apps are open . 🥵

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