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  1. I would snipe people with magic bullet at 2000m just range them and make it look legit only shooting non moving targets
  2. LOADER RATING: 8/10 Injection caused my computer to restart 3/4 times. Therefor succesful injection took about 30 minutes which is fine. Once injection was successful the cheat worked perfectly no problems whatsoever. This was for exile servers other servers had better restart rates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESP RATING: 10/10 Amazing ESP very easy to navigate especially in ARMA KOTH when you have alot of people in a small area. The size of the boxes and distance underneath allow for instant recognition of close and far away targets. Whilst having an awareness of that guy sniping from 2km. AIMBOT RATING: 9/10 Aimbot is great silent aim will destroy anyone on the move or stationary at 2km in one tap. For close up you can use non silent aim but I didnt really since it was not perfect. I found it worked great during about 50% of engagements. Silent aim was great though even during close quaters combat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERALL RATING: 10/10 UNDETECTED UNDETECTED UNDETECTED. This is the most important thing for anyone who wants to cheat in arma 3 and I went a month with 0 bans. Community is really nice and professional. They help with issues and address your concerns honestly. From being here a month I can tell they know what the fuck they are doing and arent 15 yo pasters. Will be glad to answer any additional questions wanabe arma 3 cheaters have. For me my next move is onto DAYZ.
  3. 23 UK 3 pound meal deal and a can of K cider
  4. it would just teleport it all to the player you wanted to kill with the AIMBOT. wHAT?
  5. Just interesting at the end of this clip admins are banning random people as damage control as if they dont know who is hacking.
  6. How will I avoid server bans eg. Will admins be able to see me flying around spectating others throwing them around and blowing them up ? If they can how will I use cheat to avoid suspicion and server bans.
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