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  1. here are some pictures
  2. Setup - 10/10 To load the hack, it literally takes like 5-10 seconds, simple and fast. Visuals - 9/10 Having good visuals is a must. And i can say, this cheat is visually nice an also has all the options for ESP you need. The ESP is split into categories, you can choose which categories you want to see on ESP. (Categories can be turned on/off) Aimbot - ?/10 Not really tested the silent aim part(yet) so i cannot really write a review on that part. Security - 10/10 I use the cheat about 3 weeks every day, absolutely safe. Team & Support - 15/10 A small but fine team. Friendly and always ready to help and very competent. Here are some pictures:
  3. nicht Deutscher aber spreche Deutsch... aus dem kleinem Nachbarland... ?

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