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  1. Please send files to staff for approval if you wish to share things.
  2. Thank you for your honest and thorough review, it's truly appreciated.
  3. Disclaimer: We did not sponsor this person, nor are we affiliated with them.
  4. MOHAA wasn't out until 2002, but yeah, I remember the .pk3 days.
  5. If your issue is regarding a payment made to a Reseller, then please contact them directly. Updated: April 16th 2021Fix added for "Buy from Reseller" button not working Your card payment seems to have gone through but nothing has happened 1. Check your bank to see if your payment is "pending" or actually cleared 1a. If it's pending (it will usually say "pending") it means your bank did not authorize the payment and it will automatically go back into your account whenever your bank processes it (the timeframe for this varies from bank to bank) 2. If it is cleared, please allow up to 24 hours for it to be confirmed to us as cleared by your bank (it usually takes much less than 24 hours) 3. Check if you changed the default currency. This must always be kept at default and changing it will cause the amount you send to be incorrect and your payment will not be detected 4. If everything was correct and you've waited longer than 24 hours, please open a ticket here: The "Buy from Reseller" button is not doing anything 1. Open in a new tab on your browser and let the page fully load 2. Go back to the page on our web site with the "Buy from Reseller" button and press CTRL+F5 at the same time to refresh the page fully 3. Try the button again Your crypto (Bitcoin) payment seems to have gone through but nothing has happened 1. Check your transaction to see if it has received any confirmations (this varies, depending on the speed of the Bitcoin network and how much you paid towards the transaction fee) 2. Check you definitely sent the full correct amount, exactly as stated, even if 0.000001 is missing, it will cause the payment to not be detected 3. Do not try to send any additional payments to cover missed fees or amounts on the same transaction as it will not be detected as a part of the initial payment 4. If everything was correct and you've waited longer than 24 hours, please open a ticket here: Note: Please double check the address you send the funds too as somebody accidentally sent money to the wrong address before. Your payment is declined or is giving an error 1. Double check all of the information you've entered is correct and exactly how your card provider retains it on their system(s) 1a. For example, your card provider may see something like "123 Apple Street" and may not accept "123 apple st." 2. Make sure you've enabled 3D Secure Authentication 3. If you're connected to a VPN, disconnect, your card issuer may know it's a VPN or will find your location unusual (it's to prevent fraud) It's easier to just buy Bitcoin and pay with Bitcoin, but if that isn't an option, you can always try the alternative payment methods our resellers offer. Note: The information here is subject to change, should something be missing and/or new remedies discovered, I will endeavor to update this post with them.
  6. Sushi? Nah mate, I'm about to unverify you, lmao. (kidding ofc)
  7. I like this, good stuff.
  8. Man's dick is so big he has fiveskin.

    1. Mako


      This is completely true, if anybody wants proof, pm me and I can show you my fiveskin

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