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  1. No, as you were told in the chat box, it's not true. Yes, some people need to re-verify and that can be due to various reasons, such as, the ID we have on file has expired or the type of ID is not supported by our verification system - it's rare but can happen, if it does, just apply again and we'll run it through verification. We currently have verified Chinese members and Chinese customers.
  2. Sushi? Nah mate, I'm about to unverify you, lmao. (kidding ofc)
  3. Card payment issues? If you are having issues trying to pay with your card, please go through the following 1. Your card must have 3D Secure enabled. 3D Secure is like 2FA for cards and is for your safety. You can click here for more information about 3D Secure: https://www.sagepay.co.uk/support/28/36/3d-secure-explained 2. You need to double check the information you've entered, it needs to be entered exactly how your provider has your name, address and phone number on record. Example: 2B, Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AN, United Kingdom 2B could be the correct apartment, but your provider may have the information retained as "Apartment 2B" or "Apt. 2B". 3. Do not use any type of VPN or Proxy or your transaction will be flagged as suspicious and it won't go through. 4. If somebody is paying for you (a parent for example), it's obviously imperative that you have their permission, but it's also important to remember that you enter their details and not your own. The best thing to do in this situation is to ask them to enter their details themselves to avoid any issues. Good luck!
  4. I like this, good stuff.
  5. The likes of BE and EAC tend to detect a cheat, but log users over a certain period to catch as many as possible. If they started banning as and when people used the cheat, it would be easy for a cheater to tell his friend "don't use it, I got banned" but if they wait, the chances are a lot more people will use it. Six months is super unlikely though, it's usually a matter of a week or two or something like that.
  6. Man's dick is so big he has fiveskin.

    1. Mako


      This is completely true, if anybody wants proof, pm me and I can show you my fiveskin

  7. I am praying for this.
  8. thx cutieboi


  10. Some hand sanitizer has no alcohol in it. Mine does broski.
  11. I started hearing things about COVID-19 in December, but thought it would go away after a few weeks. Then one day my employer told me to go home and work from there, so I did. They've since told me I don't need to work from home but that I will still be paid normally. I didn't realize it was going to be this big, but then one day our Prime Minister appeared on TV channels to explain he was putting the country on lock-down (but he didn't use that term). We're allowed out to do exercise for an hour alone or with people from the same household only, to buy essentials, care for vulnerable people, or go to work if you're a key worker (and working from home isn't possible). In the UK it can take up to an hour to even step foot in any of the large supermarkets. Smaller convenience stores aren't bad, but they don't stock everything. Just today I went to pick medication up for somebody and the line was out the door and into the parking area - twenty-five people were ahead of me and it took forty minutes to get in and get what I needed. I use alcohol hand gel all over my hands before I go out, try my best not to touch my face while I am out (it's harder than you think) and then thoroughly wash my hands with soap and water when I get home, then top it up with more alcohol hand gel. I use alcohol wipes on my wallet, phone and keys because they all get touched while I'm out too. So far - luckily - I don't know anybody personally that has shown any of the known symptoms, but I've heard of people locally. I live near one of the largest hospitals in the UK and there are many COVID-19 positive people in there. It doesn't help that there's still many people in the UK who don't give a fuck and still go out in groups or get too close to others - all it takes is a little discipline.
  12. your avatar looks awfully like a penis

    1. Silverback


      Truth bombs.

  13. This is a mountain of a man. His penis alone stands at 8'9".

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    2. Mako


      This is a very true statement, the surgery took about 15 hours and still its way to large for my body, I get pulled over by cops cause they think I have a sniper in my pants. smh my head

    3. Silverback
    4. Mako


      This is 100% me, I always get harassed by Airport security as they think I am always hiding something, but at least they acknowledge my huge Dong

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