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  1. Sure! I will do it later though, in the mean time i posted an epic vid in the media section ?
  2. The Apex Legends exceeded my original expectations and i had great amount of fun playing and recording with the cheat! The ESP like siege is clean and has no noticable impact on FPS and renders from a good distance! The aimbot has adjustable FOV and smooth values to suit your play style, legit, semirage, rage ect. And i love the drop compensation, it makes hitting shots easier than ever! I was able to drop double digit kills in pretty much every game i played and, at the time of posting this, the cheat is undetected and going strong, and i know that proofcore put a lot of effort into keeping their cheats UD, which we can all appreciate. Looking forward to using more of proofcores products in the near future!
  3. wooow is that viewmodel aimbot, or is that just how the game looks? P100

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