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  1. Sad to hear you got banned, unfortunately such is the risk when using any third party software. I'm still going strong so I'll take my chances.
  2. UPDATE: Nearly a month of use and no ban.
  3. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.
  4. Gunplay looking polished, what settings are you running?
  5. Yeah, some nice gameplay but a tad too rage for myself.
  6. Both, rocking 50 FOV with 20 smoothness and all features turned on in the Aimbot tab.
  7. About 4-5 days straight on main account.
  8. Cheat works great so far no issues during my playtime, extremely easy to configure and able to easily adjust between legit, semi-legit, semi-rage and rage settings. Activating all ESP features still give you stable FPS and the quick hotkey allowing you to turn item ESP off during combat is excellent. Would recommend.

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