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  1. Thanks for this review mate! I guess when Darky gonna fix the issues the score will be 10/10
  2. Thanks for this review, we are glad you get good time with our cheat Send you"r video ASAP, i will watch it
  3. R6S is fun as fuck with pc cheat. DayZ and Z1 are really different but they both fun and Z1 is free, but dead game again RIP!
  4. Topic Lock, taunt in general discussion and speak about "friend cheat" good luck! We know what we buy here btw!
  5. xDomi


    Yea they can hwid ban you, i don't think first ban is hwid but assume they do!
  6. xDomi


    Hello you should post in our discord for trying to find german people and group with them in DayZ. Regards !
  7. Like Blanket said, if you don't murdermod the whole map you should be fine. Don't watch ennemies behind walls and use a little fov for murdermod when you are in bad situation
  8. Bonjour, L'utilisation du HWID Spoofer ne te sauvera pas du ban. Il empêchera tout simplement de te faire hwid ban c'est à dire à chaque création de nouveau compte insta ban. Pour être sur de ne pas te faire ban, il faut que tu utilises des settings legit tu peux retrouver mes settings legit sur le forum Z1 si elle te semble encore trop puissante. Tu peux alors augmenter le smooth pour ne pas lock les ennemies! Actuellement proofcore ne vend pas de spoofer. Voila!
  9. Stop ruin my solo games
  10. You just have to check in Z1 section and you can find this post. Regards!
  11. I like the video to be honest the music is a bit annoying maybe try more cut with some meme! Like when the guys can't do shit you add some " OH SHIT" or you"r cut the video with the rythm of the music like superstitum do for this video. But the quality is cool and we can see how powerfull is the proofcore features
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