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  1. Hello sir, make a support ticked and ask for a hwid rest.
  2. I have been a user from 2021 never had any problems. If you ask me proofcore is 100% trusted. And it’s not like windows defender does anything.
  3. FN For Real?? Didnt Know It Still Existed. But The Video Is Good👍
  4. World At War They Could Get On Spots A Normal Player Coudnt Get So I Strated Hacking There And Then (Only NoClip). The Aimbot And Esp That Came With Raging In R6 Because People Fried Me And Where Flying, Teleporting And Killing Me In Prep So Got Mad And Bought The First Most Detected Peas Of Shit And Got Banned In The First Game Didnt Even Kill Anyone.
  5. I Have To Say I Bought A Pubg Sub Again Because Of Your Video.
  6. Status is updated all the time if it’s undetected it’s undetected.
  7. As far that I know 1-2 weeks.
  8. It’s updating or in testing.
  9. N00BY

    Dayz HWID

    Some servers detect ips for vpns the best ones are with dedicated ip.
  10. N00BY

    Dayz HWID

    For Dayz it self you are probably not hwid banned. But you need to play with a vpn because servers can see your banned account and ban you again from their server or the wil watch you 24/7. I don’t really know how cftool works but I think only a vpn wil be fine. About the cheat you used: it’s probably a public cheat and most if not all public cheats are detected or get detected every 3 days or so.
  11. All Proofcore cheats are external for the best security.
  12. Yes apex is up and running but it’s not open to the verified users at the time.
  13. This is a server sided thing. It’s the server rendering in items there is no counter for this. So no proofcore or any other cheats for that instance can’t fix/bypass this.
  14. Hoop you enjoy you time with the cheat, I have tried many others and can say that proofcore has the best options and is really good.
  15. I have been using the product for a long time first sub: 12/19/2021. Never got banned, no server or global ban. I hoop you find this info useful.
  16. You can’t change the opening key. I have been using proofcore for more than a year and never got banned. I use aimbot so as long as you are not blatant you won’t get banned.
  17. If you have network to connect to with your pc I think it does.
  18. I don’t think you need to down grade. If you want to be 100% sure wait for a reply from an staf, admin or higher up. Have a nice day.

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