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  1. Last time i pay for Conan Exiles cheez , it was totaly broken ^^ Maybe it fixe since febuary, but i see nothing about it on forum or discord atm Can't recommand to buy it whitout any improvement
  2. he didn't renew licence, wonder why ? xD
  3. Oclock

    PUBG team

    j'ai pris au moins 6 bans, j'utilise plus le cheat depuis le passage en f2p
  4. beeing banned at every game xD
  5. LEGIT ? LMAO At seconds 30 we can see you r using Wallhack LMAO Using grenade whitout vision, Spotting ppl in smoke ... Very legit
  6. Smooth is like 1-2 and FOV 150 ^^
  7. With that setting, Ban is coming in fews hours lol
  8. Oclock

    PUBG team

    Des copains mangeur de pain pour former une squad PUBG ranked ? Setting legit le plus possible pour eviter le ban !

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