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  1. Cannot see the picture because it is so small...
  2. Caleb 23 I'm from the USA Okra! (If you don't know what Okra is LOOK IT UP, yummy.)
  3. I cheat because I don't have enough time to keep up with kids who siting on the game 12 hours a day haha. Mainly got into cheating with just ESP to give me a slight advantage! Now, I just use a loot ESP and don't use any player ESP because it ruins the gameplay for me and also It's more risky to use a player ESP because admins can ban you if they notice slight movements you make to see another player that you cannot actually see. But yes, SweetChili, we are forever closet cheaters hahaha
  4. What VPN if I may ask? Im looking to get a nice VPN for ARMA as well.

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