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  1. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I am an only child. I use cheating in video games to supplement the love I didn't receive as a child....js
  2. After using the DayZ cheat for a solid 6hrs or so, I feel comfortable saying that it is very nice and stable! The ESP works like a charm! I have yet to use the murder mode simply because I do not want to be banned. So far I have not noticed any impact of the cheat on performance! The game only stuttered when loading in a large amount of loot items. I have not been banned by any custom server admins and it definitely is not detected by BattleEye! Aside from all that the price is reasonable and the support is great. First of all the responsiveness on the forums and also the Discord server is outstandingly fast! The purchasing process was very simple and decently fast with the only thing taking a long time being the block chain verification. And on top of all that everything is explained on the forums, whether it be through a support ticket, FAQ, or instruction post....if you're having a problem, someone has most likely had that problem before and there is a resolution posted somewhere or the admins can help your over Discord. Overall I give the entire service a 8.5/10 - the only thing I was disappointed about was the HWID spoofer being down at the time of my using. ?
  3. Thanks so much @Jannik12131 Love the fast detailed response! Okay got it! I just havent played since it wash trash and was in pre alpha for like 3 years. I was not sure if on the official servers the devs employed some other type of detection for cheats. Cheers m8
  4. Just wondering...what is advised to avoid a ban? Is it safe to play on official servers or is it recommended to stick to only modded servers? Also another question, other than simply not being to obvious and using the HWID spoofer... what else is advised to avoid a ban? Thanks for your responses ?

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