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  1. This is my honest dayz review after 1 month of cheating. Aimbot 9/10 Aimbot is amazing. It works just as it should. The only thing that might not work is shooting close targets (5-10 meters away). The bullet does not have time to teleport and the aimbot does not work that close. Item ESP 6/10 It works, it is nicely done. You get categories in menu with different colors. What is lacks is better flexibility. You cannot filter it much and it is hard to find something you’re looking for. The most downside to esp for me is broken helicrash esp and most importantly no location and corpse esp. I really hope that gets added soon. Player ESP 9/10 Player esp looks really good. You see all the players on 1km range and you also see what they are holding in hands. Simple skeleton is also a nice feature the have. Only thing it lacks is health and name esp but for me it is not that neccessary. Detection Rate 10/10 I have been using all features (even raging, killing everyone I see on 1km range) and have been banned 0 times so far. This is probably the most difficult and important job, to keep the cheat UD. Conclusion The cheat looks very professional and the injection is easy too. It lacks some of the features but the most important ones are there. I really like that it does not get detected much. I was thinking about mentioning the speedhack but it is a very risky feature and can get the cheat detected fast. I would really like to see an update since its price has been increased. After all I rate this cheat solid 8/10. I do recommend the cheat. Currently it is the best one on the market.
  2. is the helicrash esp really working for you? For me it does not work

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