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  1. Been sitting home for a month getting paid and probably gonna stay for another 1 or 2 months
  2. Been using internal and external now for some time, what can i say it works wonders, internal had some problems but me personally never got banned or anything, external works wonders been up for around 3 months now PLAYER ESP: 10/10 The Player ESP works well shows players and their skeleton from around 1098 m away, shows what they have in hands aswell. ITEM ESP: 8/10 The Item-ESP also works as it should. Shows all items in game, would love some more selection from inventory items category, but it works well overall OTHER ESP (CARS, ANIMALS, HELICRASHES 10/10 The Animal/ Car ESP works perfectly all the time shows all cars modded and vanilla same with animals Helicrash ESP Idk Never worked never rly needed one. MURDERMODE/SILENTAIM: 10/10: Works wonders never lets down Leg aim works perfect same with head, you can kill zombies with it aswell BAN, UPTIME, ETC..: 10/10 The Hack was never detected during the time I was using it. No downtime aswell, allways works as it should. The best hack out you cant find anything better atleast for DayZ as far as i know. Staff allways friendly helpful really nice and big community which keeps growing. Will update review later with some photos and a video
  3. cs 1.6 on eac with some radar cheat it was good avoided screenshots aswell
  4. I think u would get alot of people wanting for hunt showdown cheat its eac based game and there is none real cheat provider mby like 1 private one who doesnt even sell it it has stable player base of 4-10k people
  5. After using the DayZ cheat for a solid 2 weeks and a month 3 months ago, i can tell you its probablly the best public dayz cheat out there. ESP / 10/10 Silent Aim - havent used it much but it works rly nicely too, 10/10 item esp and all other features are aswell great 10/10 Would rly recomend buying it guys its rly that worth it, support and every1 in community are rly nice and helpfull too.
  6. Hunt showdown thats what would be cool there is no providers for it only 1 private one
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