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    Satisfying video lol nice work
  2. New world aye - is that something in proofcore sights perhaps? XD Definitely going to be playing that one
  3. but I just told you I don't use them lol
  4. Usability / Functionality The Cheat injects fine everytime, at the start I thought there may be a issue as sometimes the esp vanishes. But from my experience that is only the case in the warm up mode before the game starts. Features Aimbot works as intended. I don't have any complaints besides using the shotgun can be a bit off and even sometimes crash my game. I've only copped crashing during shotty/snipers Security No ban yet, been raging all day every day since I got it. The anticheat also is known to be retarded so no fear there yet. Will update if I get manual ban Support The only error I ran into was the whole " restart or you'll get ban" and after 2.5 seconds of looking at the discord I found a fix. Really nice that it was there ready to go for someone computer illiterate. Conclusion Enjoying it a lot I'd slap a 7/10. Purely for the weird esp thing and the shotty crashes for the template of this review. if you know you know
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