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  1. I dont remember if you buy the cheat go to Pubg forums and look for sharing setting i posted mine in there. (you gotta drag you mouse alittle)
  2. No ban, doubt i'll ever be banned. Proof no bans since 07/19/2021 9:50 AM
  3. Both videos smashed into one, this one is public on yt and added a few extra kill in this public version. Last video of pubg from me for a minute.
  4. Possible Audio Warning I'm not sure since I use a audio mixer on my headphone but original song is bassed tf out Beginning is quite don't turn audio up I'm just messing around with editing tbh but here you go.
  5. I'm going to try dropping a part two tonight not sure what song to use in next one any suggestions?
  6. Thanks its was a quick throw together. ?
  7. First time ever editing a video this isnt fully complete but thought why not beginning of video was time perfectly for song! Not Banned Still - 06/27/2021
  8. Dayz hack looks dope like the pixels that bounce around when you shoot.

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