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  1. Hey, so I bought 1 week of the DayZ cheat and used it everyday for at least 5-6 hours a day. I played on modded servers only and dominated everyone I came across. I did not die one time. I played like a "closet cheater" and its totally possible with the murder mode. You can see all players on the ESP up to 1050m away which is perfect for dayz. You can customize anything you want to show up item wise which is what I wanted. The menu made it all very easy to toggle on/off. You can see zombies/ helicopter crashes and every item. Only thing I would of wanted is an aimbot but murder mode did help make up for the fact there is none. You could just fake shoot and miss some shots and then just murder mode them and no one would know the wiser. I would recommend to anyone looking for a safe DayZ cheat to go with us. Proofcore #1 ESP:9/10 Aimbot: N/A Murder Mode: 10/10

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