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  1. Great edit, great kills, glad to see someone put the cheat to good use :3
  2. Hienne

    school sucks

    Thread moved to Off Topic. Reason: Not related to the topics that General Discussion is meant for.
  3. Not as of right now but maybe in the future.
  4. If possible you should try and position yourself behind them. That'll give you much higher chances of hitting them.
  5. Thank you Mako, I know that I should have marked it down as 9.(6) but I thought I could get away with it. Clearly, your genius is able to detect even the smallest mistakes. I profusely apologize for the barbaric mistake I have made and can only hope that you are able to find it within your heart to forgive me.
  6. So, before I start off this review, I want to make it clear that I am not biased. The fact that I am a support member only makes me want to point out the flaws of the cheat so that we may improve upon it. ESP - 10/10 Well, that can I say about it? It shows everything you would ever need to totally dominate whatever server you are playing on. You can easily toggle off different elements of the ESP while still being aware of who and what is around you. One thing that I really like about it is the fact that just by looking at the color of the bandits, I know which ones to go for ( Green = Military, Blue = Normies) AIMBOT AND WEAPON FEATURES - 9/10 So while the aimbot is great and it performs as expected, no spread is just amazing with shotguns, especially the high tier ones, no sway can sometimes die out in the middle of fights or after you run around for a bit. Still, considering the game horrible hit reg, the aimbot is good enough to make any player or NPC shit themselves when they see you. SPEEDHACK - 10/10 Okay, so, you have to be smart when using the speedhack. Going to fast will desync you and cause you lots of trouble and the max speed really differs a lot by server but by God is this feature amazing. You can just run laps around people and utterly destroy anyone and people will just think you are a god of shortcuts. The fact that this is a feature that only Proofcore has gotten down right makes this even better. Verdict - 9.5/10 The cheat is amazing as it is and the only thing that is needed might be a slight improvement to no sway and maybe, murder mode or something like on DayZ and ARMA. Overall, this is an amazing cheat and I have had so much fun with it.
  7. Right, so a couple of the shows that I really liked are: The Expanse ( best fucking scifi show you'll ever come across and the books are amazing), Breaking Bad and Altered Carbon.
  8. Pretty sure the first game I cheated on was csgo if we are talking about multiplayer. I found fucking ezfrags on mpgh (lol, was like 9 and retarded lmao) and my account got CLAPPED.
  9. +rep, has huge ass african pp like it's a foot and a half long lmao

  10. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Really, it ain't.
  11. Ew no. He'd have to pay me for that privilege.
  12. Mad respect to @z4k for all the screeching...
  13. Again, shit edit. Feedback pls?
  14. Get verified, dumbass


  15. Nice review and quite detailed. I'm sure it'll help others.
  16. I will do my best to remain a loyal customer for as long as possible and I hope I will get to play around with more of your cheats sooner or later.
  17. Extremely quick and shitty edit I made just to show off what this amazing cheat can do in Apex. Thank you to all the people in the ProofCore team that make playing with this amazing software possible ❤️
  18. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Any chance you want to team up for Apex one of these days?
  19. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Neat PC. Just out of curiosity, do you use the i9 and 2080ti at full potential or are they there just for baller points?
  20. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Yeah, I get that. Still, I'm not really going to pay extra just so I can load most games half a second later or boot into widows 3 seconds faster. Plus like I said, none of the things that I do on my pc require anything faster than a regular SSD.
  21. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Yeah, figured that out a while ago. Friends have been pestering me to get and NVME as it is so much faster but whenever I ask them how it would help me they just have no answer for it....
  22. Hienne

    PC Specs

    Is the NVME worth it? I know that on paper it is better but for games and the light editing that I do every now and then, a usual SSD seems just fine. I might just get one so I don't have to get cable extensions to install yet another regular one. Any opinions you may be willing to share?
  23. That profile pic is the most cursed thing I have witnessed in the past few months...


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