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  1. Hienne

    Apex internal Media

    Great edit, great kills, glad to see someone put the cheat to good use :3
  2. Asking in a thread for Silver to look at your application will not make him look at it faster. All applications will be looked at eventually, please be patient.
  3. 20H2 is not supported currently. The newest version we support is 2004.
  4. Hienne

    school sucks

    Thread moved to Off Topic. Reason: Not related to the topics that General Discussion is meant for.
  5. Not as of right now but maybe in the future.
  6. Pretty sure one of the devs said that a playthrough on the hardest difficulty on a stealth character took him well over 100 hours
  7. Can vouch for what the others have said, currently tearing apart lobbies and getting win after win.
  8. The cheat does not include a hwid spoofer so using your own is necessary. Make sure to start the loader, inject the cheat, spoof and then start up Apex.
  9. DayZ is still being tested. When it is ready for release it will be announced.
  10. That is right, I’m glad that your questions have been answered.
  11. As I said, you will be able to do that if you are accepted/ verified.
  12. IF you are accepted you can try getting in touch with one of the resellers.
  13. It is still working, yeah. Works just fine and is UD.
  14. Rainbow Six is really fun to cheat in, especially with friends. You could also try playing around with the Apex cheat as that makes the game a lot more fun that it already is. And you know, if you like ARMA give the cheat a try. I for one am not the biggest fan of the game yet the cheat made it a lot more fun.
  15. Okay so, for the two people that may see this, here are some more great games: Dead in Vinland ( great game if you want to relax and take it easy, has a neat story and is really cheap) Darkest Dungeon ( I mean, if you too are masochistic then you defos need to try this game) Call of Juarez Gunslinger ( neat Western shooter, it is short and can be finished in one sitting but it's worth a play) Crying Suns ( has a lot going on for an indie game, I think that people that love science fiction are going to have a blast with this one) Endless Space 2 ( typical one more turn game) Jotun ( fun game to play if you are bored, I tend to play it while looking for matches on other games) No Man's Sky ( this game has come such a long way, I find it to be really fun to play, especially if I feel like exploring) Star Citizen ( if you are rich and want to splurge get this, get a Carrack and hit me up) Remnant from the Ashes ( adds some neat elements to the souls-like genre) Pyre ( cute game that has a lot of replayability ) Ruiner ( relatively intense top-down shooter with a really neat atmosphere and a great soundtrack) The Banner Saga ( great games that I permanently have on my phone, the art style, gameplay, story and a lot of other things contribute to make it great)
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