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  1. Also the army is out on the streets. You need to have this paper that states where you are going, why, for how long etc and the army checks that, Fat fine if they don't like it.
  2. The county right next to mine went into total fucking lockdown lmao. Idiots could not contain like 10 cases and now it's a hotspot.
  3. Hello there kind sir, do you have some spare coochie

    1. Ashuntae


      Only got trap ass my man, sorry.

    2. avoidinmyheart


      "ass is ass"

  4. This has been talked about and it will not happen.
  5. Right, so a couple of the shows that I really liked are: The Expanse ( best fucking scifi show you'll ever come across and the books are amazing), Breaking Bad and Altered Carbon.
  6. As a wise man once said, ass is ass.
  7. Pretty sure the first game I cheated on was csgo if we are talking about multiplayer. I found fucking ezfrags on mpgh (lol, was like 9 and retarded lmao) and my account got CLAPPED.
  8. +rep, has huge ass african pp like it's a foot and a half long lmao

  9. This has been discussed and it most likely will not happen. Other support members or a mod is welcome to correct me if I am wrong though.
  10. I am with the others on this one, I'd like to see what Darky comes up with for this game.
  11. Thank you for this great review. Glad you are enjoying the cheat!
  12. Ashuntae

    PC Specs

    Really, it ain't.

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