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  1. This is by means no advanced stuff. What this is for is to break into peoples bases who has Combination locks so you don't have to do it. All you do is run the script and let it do it's own thing. So if you know you're safe and the guys are offline, you can run this script looking at their base and just walk away from your computer and let it auto solve it for you so you're not sitting there. The 4 Dial Combination will take a long ass time to complete till it figures it out because there are 9,999 different combinations for a 4 digit code, and for a 3 digit code there are only 40. So with this script you can crack a 3 code combination lock in a matter of 5 - 20 min's while a 4 code combination could take upwards to an hour. This of course is all based on what numbers they use because if they start their combo off with a 0 you'll crack it as fast as a 3 code combo, but if they have their beginning number between 5 - 9 then it'll take a while. That's the benefit of this script though, you won't have to sit there and do it, it'll do it for you. HOW TO USE You will go up to a 3 or 4 code combination and set everything to 0. ( 0 0 [0] ) once you have everything at 0 you will head over to the far right side of the combination lock and start the script on there. For a 3 code you will use F1. For a 4 code combination lock you will use F2. To exit the application you will press F3, and to pause you will press F4. I have some tips and notes when you load up the script, give it a once over to understand a little bit more on how it works. <-- image to see what I'm talking about for 3 code combination lock. <-- image o see what I'm talking about for 4 code combination lock. Download: Link removed Of course, this is not my creation, but a copy paste from Unknowncheats, this one will be useful for someone, I used and very safe ? .

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