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  1. When I started playing DayZ I was all legit and put in a lot of effort. I finally grew tired of getting shot by players who magically appeared behind my back on a near-empty server or by looters who found my remote and well-hidden stashes with pinpoint accuracy. Cheating in DayZ has been a real eye-opener for me - I discovered mega-stashes obviously set up to ruin the loot economy and fought maximum-distance battles with other cheaters. Most importantly I no longer feel like a total idiot for moving around all tactical&quiet when there's noone within a 1,000-meter radius.
  2. The game crashing upon start - that's definitely a possibility. However, mods rendering the cheat ineffective - that's impossible due to the way it's built.
  3. I've done a bit of research and found that -BE bans are generally HWID based; it seems to be unclear what kind of hardware is blacklisted (storage media mostly) -community servers ban IP addresses using the CFTool mod So my original statement was incomplete/ wrong.
  4. So one day I was out running about minding my own business when I got the 'magic bullet' from a fellow cheater (I doubt he's on here though). Having lost two additional alts I was finally able to retaliate and got a doulbe kill on the guy who originally murdered me as well as his boyfriend. They were carrying my guns so I'm sure I got the right guys. Shortly after I discovered their base which turned out to be a hoarder's nest (like 50 crates and barrels all filled to the brim with each and every kind of loot). The following screenshots show the base in various stages of, it was so satisfying to raze it to the ground.
  5. I've used the cheat on all of my accounts (which is more than three, btw) and, well...let's just say, BattleEye is the least of your concerns. If you do get banned, it's your IP address that gives you away - so any alt accounts that shared it will be affected no matter whether they used the cheat or not.
  6. I recently tried out a heavily modded Namalsk server and the ridiculously over-complicated mod items showed up as 'grey' (default) which is the color used for undefined items as well as animals. It was somewhat irritating at first but I quickly adapted to reading the actual text instead of the color codes.
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